24/7 Urgent Support Care Line

For 24/7 urgent, confidential survivor support, call the Care Line: 510-643-2005

Frequently Asked Questions about the Care Line

What is the Care Line?

The Care Line is your 24/7, confidential campus-based resource for urgent support around sexual violence, sexual harassment, dating/domestic violence, stalking, and invasion of privacy. PATH to Care services, including the Care Line, are free-of-charge. 

Who can get help by calling the Care Line?

The PATH to Care Center serves anyone in the UC Berkeley community who is directly or indirectly impacted by harm related to sexual violence and sexual harassment, including sexual assault, dating and relationship violence, sexual harassment, stalking, and/or invasion of privacy. This includes:

  • Current and former UC Berkeley undergraduate and graduate/professional students, staff, faculty, visiting scholars, post-doctoral appointees
  • Anyone who is not affiliated with UC Berkeley, but was harmed by someone who is affiliated with UC Berkeley
  • Anyone supporting a survivor

Anyone in the UC Berkeley community can receive support no matter when or where the experience took place, even if it occurred off-campus or during a time when you were not affiliated with UC Berkeley. You do not need to formally report your experience in order to receive confidential support.

What happens when I call the Care Line?

When someone calls the Care Line, an advocate will listen to the experiences of the person seeking support in a safe, affirming, and nonjudgmental way. The advocate can provide options, rights, resources, and referrals, including referrals to the University Health Center and other medical/counseling services. Advocates can also provide ongoing, supportive follow-up services.

The Care Line can be used to:

  • Give survivors a way to immediately connect with support
  • Provide time-sensitive information about reporting, medical care, and other safety resources
  • Arrange accompaniment by an advocate to places such as medical care, forensic evidence exam, university reporting, and law enforcement reporting

Who answers the Care Line?

PATH to Care Center advocates answer the Care Line Monday - Friday, 9:00am to 4:30pm. During evenings, weekends, and holidays, The Care Line is answered by a partner agency.

Is the PATH to Care Center a confidential resource?

Yes, the PATH to Care Center staff are confidential, they are not Responsible Employees. When you connect with an advocate in person or over the phone, they will talk with you more about confidentiality, and any particular limitations to confidentiality that might exist. We encourage you to ask questions if you have any concerns or hesitations.

For more information about the Care Line or the PATH to Care Center, please contact the PATH to Care Center directly. 

PATH to Care Center (Prevention | Advocacy | Training | Healing)

Urgent 24/7 confidential survivor support, call the Care Line: 510-643-2005.

For appointments, call 510-642-1988 (Mon – Fri, 9am - 4:30pm)

Website: care.berkeley.edu

Email: pathtocare@berkeley.edu (Emails answered Mon - Fri, 9am - 4:30pm)