Coordinated Community Review Team (CCRT) and Core Team

UC Berkeley's Coordinated Community Review Team (CCRT)

Comprised of local community and campus partners, CCRT is responsible for a collaborative approach to preventing and responding to SVSH at UC Berkeley. The CCRT provides advice to campus leadership regarding best practices in policies, education, prevention, and response, with the goal of creating meaningful cultural transformation in our community.

The Role of CCRT

CCRT plays an essential role in campus SVSH prevention and response efforts, and as a Chancellor's committe, serves in an advisory capacity to campus leadership and community members about policy, best practices, education, prevention and response to SVSH.

CCRT brings together wide and diverse representation from across the campus and the community. The purpose of CCRT is to enhance prevention and response of SVSH at UC Berkeley and advance campus efforts to communicate about related campus initiatives and activities. The committee bears the responsibility for driving messages about campus and community efforts to prevent and respond to sexual misconduct. Student representation, interaction, and input in is essential to these endeavors.

Every academic year, CCRT meets quarterly at a minimum.

History of CCRT

In response to the recommendations from the University of California President’s Task Force on Preventing and Responding to Sexual Violence and Sexual Assault, the Chancellor replaced the Title IX Compliance Advisory Committee in July 2015 with a new broad-based community membership and structure. As of 2015, every UC campus is required to appoint a Coordinated Community Review Team for Sexual and Gender-Based Violence and Misconduct (CCRT).

This requirement is consistent with past recommendations from the Department of Justice's Office on Violence Against Women for a collaborative response by campuses. This committee serves as part of a standardized two-team response model that is charged with addressing sexual violence.

CCRT Leadership

Sharon Inkelas, Special Faculty Advisor to the Chancellor on Sexual Violence/Sexual Harassment, and Kellie Brennan, Executive Director of Civil Rights, Whistleblower & Clery Compliance, currently co-chair the CCRT. 

Contact the Special Faculty Advisor to the Chancellor on SVSH at if you have any questions about CCRT.

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Units represented on CCRT
Academic Personnel Office Center for Support and Intervention (CSI)
LEAD Center
Academic Senate Chancellor's Immediate Office Multicultural Community Center (MCC)
Alameda County District Attorney's Office Communications and Public Affairs New Student Services
Alameda County Family Justice Center (FJC) Disability Access and Compliance (DAC) Office for Faculty Equity and Welfare (OFEW)
ASUC Intimate Partner Violence Commission Division of Equity & Inclusion (E&I) Office for the Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination (OPHD)
ASUC Sexual Violence Commission Division of Student Affairs and Dean of Students Office Office of Legal Affairs (OLA)
ASUC Office of the President Ethics, Risk & Compliance Services Ombuds Office for Students and Postdoctoral Appointees
ASUC Student Advocate's Office (SAO) Executive Director of Civil Rights & Whistleblower Compliance PATH to Care Center
Bay Area Women Against Rape (BAWAR) Family Violence Law Center (FVLC) Residential Life
Be Well at Work - Employee Assistance, University Health Services Gender Equity Resource Center (GenEq) Respect is Part of Research (RPR)
Berkeley Law Government and Community Relations Respondent Services Coordinators
Berkeley Police Department Graduate Assembly (GA) Restorative Justice Center

Berkeley Student Cooperative (BSC or Co-ops)

Graduate Division Social Services, University Health Services
Berkeley Study Abroad Greeks Against Sexual Assault (GASA) Staff Ombuds Office
Cal Athletics Health Promotion at University Health Services Special Faculty Advisor to the Chancellor on Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment (SVSH Advisor Office)
Campus Clery Coordinator
Hearing Coordinator Office University of California Police Department (UCPD)
CE3 HR People and Culture University Health Services (UHS)
Center for Student Conduct (CSC) L&S Advising Visiting Scholars & Postdoctoral Appointees (VSPA)

CCRT Working Groups

CCRT members volunteer to participate in smaller and more specialized working groups, which collaborate on projects that help advance UC Berkeley's prevention and response to SVSH.  Each working group is co-led by at least two CCRT members with subject-matter expertise, and meets on a regular basis. The working groups report out on their progress at every CCRT meeting.

CCRT working groups have worked on a range of project areas, including:

  • Reviewing SVSH prevention and education materials
  • Reviewing and developing SVSH resource guides
  • Auditing websites related to SVSH and creating
  • Exploring Restorative Justice and Transformative Justice approaches

SVSH Core Team

The SVSH Core Team (formerly Title IX Working Group) was formed in 2014 in order for campus practitioners to confer and work as a united front on SVSH-related problems confronting the campus. Over the years, its purpose has evolved from tactical coordination of campus responses to external reviews and audits, to a more proactive focus on continuous improvement of campus practices, strategic communications, information sharing, and best practices. The group meets twice a month throughout the year. It is smaller than CCRT, and has a different mission; most of its members also serve on CCRT.

The SVSH Core Team is currently chaired by the SVSH Advisor to the Chancellor.

Units represented on Core Team
Campus Clery Coordinator Gender Equity Resource Center
Campus Counsel HR People and Culture
Center for Student Conduct Independent Hearing Coordinator
Center for Support and Intervention PATH to Care Center
Chief Ethics, Risk, and Compliance Officer (CERCO) People & Culture Labor and Employee Relations
Communications & Public Affairs Office for the Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination
Deputy Associate Chancellor and Chief Operating Officer Residential Life
Division of Student Affairs and Dean of Students Office Special Faculty Advisor to the Chancellor on SVSH
Executive Director of Civil Rights and Whistleblower Compliance University of California Police Department
Family Violence Law Center University Health Services