Ways to Get Involved

Preventing SVSH is a community responsibility

Opportunities to get involved

Want to prevent sexual harassment and sexual violence (SVSH) in your community? 

UC Berkeley uses a primary prevention approach, focusing on the ability of the university, and our communities within it, to prevent harm from occurring before it happens. There are many ways that faculty, staff, and students can get involved in prevention at UC Berkeley.

Make an impact - become a proactive leader in prevention for your community. Find places to get started below.

Unsure of where to start? The PATH to Care Center is a great place to get started for anyone, including faculty, staff, students, departments, and groups. Email pathtocare@berkeley.edu for consultations and resources.

Quick Links

Undergraduate Student Prevention Opportunities

There are many opportunities for undergraduate students to get involved in preventing SVSH, including: 

Graduate/Professional Student Prevention Opportunities

Employee Prevention Opportunities

The PATH to Care Center provides consultation, workshops, leadership development opportunities, resources, and more for teams, offices, departments, schools, colleges, divisions and other communities to promote prevention.

Email pathtocare@berkeley.edu for confidential consultation and resources and visit the PATH to Care Center website for more details.

Creating a Culture of Consent and Respect at UC Berkeley by the PATH to Care Center

Creating a Culture of Consent and Respect at UC Berkeley