Support for Survivors

You are not alone. There are resources here to help you.

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If you have been affected by sexual assault, intimate partner or domestic violence, sexual harassment, stalking, invasions of sexual privacy, or any related type of harm, please know there are resources available to help you. Finding the services that meet your needs can be overwhelming. This page is intended to simplify finding resources. Below, you'll find a list of resources common needs for survivors, basic needs resources, community and identity-specific resources, and resources you can filter by your affiliation to UC Berkeley. Once you select an area, you will get to a page where you can filter resources based on various categories.

Unsure of where to start?

You don't have to find resources or make decisions alone. A supportive place to start anytime is the PATH to Care Center, a confidential resource on campus that provides free advocacy services to faculty, staff, students, alumni, visitors, and anyone who was harmed by a UC Berkeley affiliate. For 24/7 urgent confidential survivor support, call the Care Line at 510-643-2005.

Confidential resources are here to help you navigate your options, know your rights, and provide you with support and referrals. To find additional confidential places to start, visit the Places to Start page. You can also find resources and information quickly in the Where to Get Support Quick Guides on the Downloadable Resources page. 

Common Needs

Basic Needs

Community & Identity-Specific Resources