Measures to Protect Participant Well-Being


All parties are able to request a variety of measures to be implemented as part of the hearing procedures to protect their well-being on hearing day.

While there are certain restrictions these measures must fit within that depend on which adjudication process your case falls under, there are a variety of options available.

Separation of Parties

  • Hearings will be conducted by video conference; parties can request an in-person hearing related to an accommodation for a disability or otherwise related to their equitable participation in the hearing.
  • A party can request to have the Hearing Coordinator reserve a room on campus to ensure a private place or secure Internet to participate in the hearing.
    Please note that the location of where a party is videoconferencing in from would not be shared with the other party.

  • Both visual and physical separation of the parties may be available for the duration of the hearing.
  • Some options available to separate parties are the use of a physical partition, a party videoconferencing in from a separate physical location, switching from video to phone call during a hearing, etc.
  • This measure is available for both in-person and virtual participation.

Taking Breaks

  • A party can request breaks throughout the hearing day as needed.
  • Additionally, a party can request to schedule hearing day breaks in advance of the hearing.
  • Some options available are to schedule breaks around witness testimony, meal times, or following a portion of the hearing that a party anticipates being particularly emotionally impactful. 
  • This measure is available for both in-person and virtual participation.

Support Person

  • Parties can have one support person present throughout the hearing proceedings to offer emotional support.
  • Some examples of individuals who have served as a support person in previous hearings are a family member or trusted friend.  An option for Complainants is to be accompanied by a confidential PATH to Care advocate as a support person.
  • An option for Respondents is to be accompanied by a staff member from Respondent Services as a support person.
  • This measure is available for both in-person and virtual participation.

Provided Items

The University provides parties that participate in an in-person hearing with tissues, water, and a private holding space to spend time in during breaks in the hearing day.

Requesting these Measures

  • A party's request around these measures does not have to be static. If a party is unsure about which measures (if any) they would like put in place, they can discuss their options with the Hearing Coordinator.
  • The first structured conversation around the options and a party's preference for these measures occurs during the Pre-Hearing Meeting.
  • Additionally, parties can discuss these measures with the Hearing Coordinator as they have questions throughout the pre-hearing process.
  • A request for any of these measures can be made verbally or in writing via email to the Hearing Coordinator.
  • 1 week before the hearing, the measures should be finalized and decided so that the Hearing Coordinator can prepare the logistics to implement the determined measures.
  • While it may not be possible to honor all of each party's requests for these measures, the Hearing Officer will resolve any disagreement on these measures based on consideration of all relevant circumstances. 

For more information about the Hearing Coordinator or Hearing Officer, visit the Staff Roles in SVSH Hearings page.

Resources for Hearing Participants

There are many resources, both on and off campus, that can assist students as they navigate an adjudication process. Resources exist for both responding and reporting students. Comprehensive information about these resources can be found below: