Hearing Spaces


Hearing Spaces

On this page you will find information about the spaces, both remote and in-person, currently utilized for student hearings. 

Remote Hearings

By default, hearings will be conducted remotely via videoconference.

These hearings will be conducted via Zoom. Logistical information (zoom call information, instructions on how to join, etc.) will be distributed to parties ahead of the hearing date. Measures to protect participant well-being can still be implemented within the remote hearing environment, please contact the Hearing Coordinator with any requests or to discuss these options.

If you do not believe you have access to a private space to participate in a hearing remotely, the University can make a private space available to you on campus. Contact the Hearing Coordinator at hearingcoordinator@berkeley.edu to make this request.

In order to ensure remote participation goes smoothly, please test the internet connection in the physical space that you’ll be joining the hearing from ahead of time to ensure that it can support videoconferencing. If you would like to participate in a test Zoom call ahead of the hearing to familiarize yourself with Zoom’s features or to ensure the wifi connection is stable, contact the Hearing Coordinator at hearingcoordinator@berkeley.edu.

Additionally, if you do not have access to reliable technology to use during the hearing, please reach out to the Hearing Coordinator at hearingcoordinator@berkeley.edu to discuss options the University may be able to make available to you. 

In-Person Hearings

Parties can request an in-person hearing related to an accommodation for a disability or otherwise related to their equitable participation in the hearing. In-person hearings are typically held in conference room spaces in various administrative buildings across campus. Most often, Sproul Hall and the Residential Student Services Building conference spaces are utilized. 

For more information about the spaces available for use for in-person hearings, contact the Hearing Coordinator

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Disclaimer: The text found on this page is not a formal part of the PACAOS Appendix E: Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Student Investigation and Adjudication FrameworkInterim Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Student Investigation and Adjudication Framework for DOE Covered Conduct (PACAOS Appendix F), or the UC Berkeley Code of Student Conduct. The information found here should be considered one of many resources available to students when navigating these policies and procedures.