2022 SVSH Annual Report: Data Update


UC Berkeley began issuing Annual Reports on Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment in 2017, at the directive of Chancellor Carol Christ. To date, four such reports have been issued. They can be found in the “Data” section of the campus SVSH “hub” website, svsh.berkeley.edu.

Each Annual Report has presented a detailed mosaic of campus partners who play a part in preventing and responding to SVSH. The narrative is designed to help readers comprehend the whole, as part of a broader effort to build a culture at UC Berkeley that is based on respect, inclusivity, and equity of experience. In addition to describing campus policies, trauma-informed procedures, resources, and values, each report has offered updates on changes to law and university policy as well as descriptive statistics that offer insight into SVSH prevalence rates and access to support services during the previous academic year.

As the campus infrastructure has stabilized and awareness has increased, the campus is shifting to a new format in which Annual Reports will alternate with briefer data and policy updates. This is the first such update. It focuses on descriptive statistics regarding SVSH incidence, affording the reader visibility into how the Covid pandemic affected prevalence and response.

As always, we thank our many campus colleagues (students, staff, and faculty) for their hard and heartfelt work to make the campus a better place for all. We hope that you, the reader, will find useful information in this briefer report.

Each SVSH Annual Report is a snapshot depicting one academic/fiscal year. The 2022 SVSH Annual Report Data Update covers the time period of July 1, 2021 - June 30, 2022.

Please note the data in this report is not suitable for tracking the progression of individual cases.