SVSH Annual Reports & Data

SVSH Annual Report Guiding Values

  • Addressing SVSH is a community responsibility
  • A prevention focus
  • Centering survivors 
  • Illuminating a complex system
  • Honoring those who do the work 
  • Seeking to improve

Prior to 2018, the Communications & Public Affairs and other campus offices compiled data on a calendar year basis (linked below). The SVSH annual reports, published by the SVSH Advisor Office, are on a fiscal year basis. There were also slight variations in how data was reported over the years. Data compiled prior to 2018 and the SVSH Annual Reports are below.

Quick data glimpses from the SVSH Annual Reports

Number of SVSH-related allegations reported to OPHD*

SVSH allegations reported to OPHD2020-20212019-20202018-20192017-2018
Sexual Harassment 87 127 200 211
Sexual Assault 99 97 127 102
Dating and Domestic/ Relationship Violence 59 36 38 38
Stalking 27 31 44 38

*Reflects SVSH-related allegations (regardless of complainant or respondent affiliation) at the end of the time periods covered by each report. Some reports to the OPHD contain more than one type of SVSH-related allegation. For more information, see the SVSH Annual Reports. 

Want to find more data? Check out the following sources:

CalGreeks and Safety Factsheets

Weekly or biweekly communication occurs between the LEAD Center (the office supporting student leadership, including the CalGreeks community), Berkeley Police Department, and Berkeley Fire Department enabling the groups to share information and coordinate services. They publish a CalGreeks and Safety factsheet annually: